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  • Winner winner chicken dinner
    Aug 12 2017 07:42 AM It doesn't take a lot of frags to win. ;)

    2 Frags and still Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on player unknown battlegrounds!
  • Guess Dan decided to screw us...
    Aug 12 2017 12:26 AM

    Dan apparently didn't renew the domain. So unless he fixes it we're redirecting the site here to the Gamers Gone Wild Site. Would have been nice to have some notice Branzone. You guys suck for being greedy. 

  • Site Attacks on February 22, 2016
    Feb 25 2016 03:06 AM
    GGW Site and Server Attacked
    Some of you may have noticed a roll back of the Gamers Gone Wild sites and server interruption of the TeamSpeak. February 22nd, 2016 the site suffered an attack from what is believed to be a Russian source. This attack did not compromise any personal data, but was intended to force users to download unwanted ransom-ware or other malicious materials. We have rolled back our servers to a previous date, patched the intrusion, and then followed up with a full site update. Members who are experiencing email outages are encouraged to report this on the forum so we can better track the condition of the email servers. Our tests indicate that the servers are working and that mail can be sent and received via SMTP and webmail. We apologize for an inconvenience this may have caused you when accessing our site. Although there is no indication of database breach you are encouraged to change your passwords often and help us keep your information secure. ~Ward
  • November Update
    Nov 12 2015 10:20 PM

    Well here we are in November. Things have been slow with our community but we're still moving along here coming up on 2016, We've got some new games coming out with new plans to increase membership! We've opened up a CSGO public rotation server ( Still a work in progress). Let us know what your think on the forums, Any and all suggestions are welcome.  

  • Wicked 5k from Slush in Competitive
    Nov 12 2015 10:16 PM

Member Benefits

Becoming a member of Gamers Gone Wild gives you exclusive access to private channels in our TeamSpeak3 server, areas of the website not visible to guests, and a host of players on our gaming servers to "team up" with. We offer XML hosting for Clans playing on our DayZ servers. This allows your clan's tag to show on certain vehicles while in game. Throughout the year we will have tournaments, giveaways, and other promotional items available to our users. We don't play favorites, so don't be afraid to enter to win any of our giveaways.

About GGW

So you want to know what GGW is all about? That's why you're reading the "About Us" section right? Let's break it down for you.

Gamers Gone Wild is the brainchild of a 10+yr group of on-line veteran gamers, system administrators, and custom content creators. Forged for a decade in the transitional groups of the 28th Infantry Division, Third Panzer Grenadier Division, and various other groups. It was decided that strictly tactical play didn't fit the whole of the group. While our members may also be members of other groups as a whole we are GamersGoneWild, or as you may know us GGW.

It goes without saying, "We've been around the block". We have both sponsored and un-sponsored areas of GGW. Our gracious player base has allowed us to put up a host of servers and keep them up. It's been a rocky road over the years. Despite all the uphill battles many of our original members are still active and can be seen in one of the many servers we host.

We can't tell you about us without telling you that one of our sponsors, Branzone Inc., has been with us from our first server. They can be found at . Brandon, an amazing tech has set up and helped maintain no less than 4 machines for us. If you have a need for a machine this is the guy to call.

Our membership ranges in age from 15 to 72 years of age. We don't play favorites and we tell it like it is. If you want to be in a tactical group, we've got it. If you want to play casually, you can find a place here too. You can be a Lone Wolf or part of an elite group of players, the choice is yours to make.

Become A GGW Member

Well we are currently accepting applications. You must be at least 15 to apply to GGW. Details can be found by clicking the forums link in the menu at the top of the page. Email verification must be validated before you can access the boards. Once validated you will need to fill out a recruitment application and post it in the recruitment section. All applications will be processed within 48 hours.